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Complete IRS 1023 LONG Form & Incorporation

Complete IRS 1023 LONG Form & Incorporation

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If your nonprofit organization doesn't qualify for the shorter online version of Form 1023, you'll need to complete the longer IRS Form 1023 - and it can be confusing.  If you're ready to set up your nonprofit corporation AND apply for tax-exempt status using the LONG Form 1023, then this is the combo course for you! You'll learn how to setup your nonprofit Incorporation, your Bylaws, EIN, IRS 1023 tax-exempt LONG form, and then submit it for approval!

This DIY: IRS 1023 Long Form course will walk you through forming your nonprofit, tax-exempt organization by filling out Parts 1-10, and the Appendices, of the IRS 1023 Long Form.

If you have to fill out the 1023 Long Form, because your organization does NOT qualify for the 1023 short form, AND you also need to setup your nonprofit Corporation, ByLaws, and EIN, then this course is for you! 

Short Description

Take this IRS 1023 Long Form Course if you qualify for, but have not yet obtained, your tax-exempt status, and your organization doesn't qualify for the short form. This course will ALSO walk you through completing your Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws,


  • [Lesson] Introduction to Tax Exempt Groups
    Duration: 00:07
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 1: Choose a Name for your Organization
    Duration: 00:02
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 2: Check for Corporate Name Availability
    Duration: 00:04
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 3: Setup Your Board of Directors (BOD)
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 4: Develop Your Program Description
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 5: Fill Out Your AOI’s
    Duration: 00:17
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 6: File Your AOI's with the State
    Duration: 00:04
  • [Lesson] Create Your ByLaws
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] Fill out & Submit Your EIN
    Duration: 00:11
  • [Lesson] Lesson 1: IRS Form 1023 Parts 1-3
    Duration: 00:06
  • [Lesson] Lesson 2: IRS Form 1023 Part 4
    Duration: 00:05
  • [Lesson] Lesson 3: IRS Form 1023 Section 5
    Duration: 00:07
  • [Lesson] Lesson 4: IRS Form 1023 Section 6-7
    Duration: 00:08
  • [Lesson] Lesson 5: IRS Form 1023 Part 8
    Duration: 00:09
  • [Lesson] Lesson 6: IRS Form 1023 Part 9
    Duration: 00:10
  • [Lesson] Lesson 7: IRS Form 1023 Part 10
    Duration: 00:07
  • [Lesson] Lesson 8: IRS Form 1023 Appendices
    Duration: 00:06

Meet Our Teacher

Cyn Mobley

Cyn Mobley

Attorney-at-Law, IRS 1023 Forms, State and local nonprofit corporate setup, State and local nonprofit organization management, Website development - Joomla

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