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Complete IRS 1023 EZ Form and Incorporation

Complete IRS 1023 EZ Form and Incorporation

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This DIY course will teach you how to setup your Nonprofit Incorporation and then fill out and submit the IRS 1023 Short (EZ) Form. After walking through all the steps, you'll be able to setup your own Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit Organization the EZ Way, including your nonprofit Articles of Incorporation, obtaining an EIN, drafting Bylaws, and finally, filling out and submitting your 1023 EZ Application to the IRS! Detailed examples and screenshots are included to show you just what to do.

If you qualify and are ready to complete your IRS Federal 1023 form, your nonprofit incorporation, create your ByLaws, and obtain your EIN, then this course is for you! 

Short Description

Take this IRS 1023 EZ Form Course if you qualify for, but have not yet obtained, your tax-exempt status. This course will ALSO walk you through completing your Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws, and EIN.


  • [Lesson] 1023-EZ Form Eligibility Worksheet
    Duration: 00:16
  • [Lesson] Fill out the Eligibility Form
    Duration: 00:05
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 1: Choose a Name for your Organization
    Duration: 00:02
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 2: Check for Corporate Name Availability
    Duration: 00:04
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 3: Setup Your Board of Directors (BOD)
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 4: Develop Your Program Description
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 5: Fill Out Your AOI’s
    Duration: 00:17
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 6: File Your AOI's with the State
    Duration: 00:04
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 7: Create Your ByLaws
    Duration: 00:03
  • [Lesson] AOI Lesson 8: Fill out & Submit Your EIN
    Duration: 00:11
  • [Lesson] Form Lesson 1: Identification of Applicant
    Duration: 00:05
  • [Lesson] Form Lesson 2: Organizational Structure
    Duration: 00:04
  • [Lesson] Form Lesson 3: Your Organization's Specific Activities
    Duration: 00:09
  • [Lesson] Form Lesson 4: Miscellaneous Information
    Duration: 00:06
  • [Lesson] Form Lesson 5: Prepare to Submit Your 1023EZ Form Application
    Duration: 00:10
  • [Lesson] Filing Lesson 1: Register with Pay.Gov
    Duration: 00:01
  • [Lesson] Filing Lesson 2: File 1023 EZ Online
    Duration: 00:15
  • [Lesson] Filing Lesson 3: File 1023 EZ Online
    Duration: 00:04

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